Obie: The Fuck It List 2

Sneaky Pete's


3:45 p.m.

60 mins / 2-28th

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After a brilliant year at the Edinburgh festival last year Obie is taking an updated version of the show to this years festival. Obie has been on the circuit for 19 years in Scotland. He headlines gigs all over the country and has performed shows all over the word including Australia, Germany and Ireland. Obie is highly regarded as one of the most naturally talented comedians on the circuit today. His shows is filled with surreal journeys, life observations and a bit of philosophy of life. As well as having brilliant material Obie can easily change gears and go off on a riff and react rapidly to whats going on in the room. This shows is called the F*** It List 2. The idea behind that is that we are all held back in life by the barriers of social conditioning. We hold back from doing things we really want to do because of conditioning from our parents, friends, teachers and the media. This show is about breaking free from social conditioning and living your life with more freedom and fun. Its about listening to all thoughts and concerns about the people around you who want to live a safe boring life and then saying ‘F*** it’ and doing it anyway. Life is too short not to take a chance on doing what you love. The biggest regret people on their death beds have are not things they did, but things they didn’t do. Come along and join in the journey. You are only one ‘F*** it’ away from changing everything. ‘Sublimely daft’ Chortle ‘Laugh out loud funny’ Three weeks.