Banshee Labyrinth


1:45 a.m.

60 mins / 4-10


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Cult hit of the fringe Consignia are back. In their new show, Lemondale the story of an English town, called Lemondale. They didn't put this in the main programme, its on at 1.45am and is only on for 6 days. If you see it you can brag to all your friends that you saw the most obscure show on the fringe. Here’s what people said about Consignia’s 2017 Edinburgh fringe show: “Consignia’s Panopticon is THE BEST show at #edfringe2017.” – Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee Ben Target, “This could be 2017’s strangest comedy show.” – Laugh Out London “This is the traditional spirit of the Edinburgh Fringe.” – John Fleming “Resets absurdism for 21st century” ★★★★ – AntiCrit