Louise Atkinson

Josh & Lou: Working Classy

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters


4 p.m.

60 mins / 12-26

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How did Kim Jong Un get Trump to change a lightbulb? Who cares!! Just grab a pint instead. Josh Baulf is a southern lad, struggling with his rampant metro-sexuality. Louise Atkinson is a gravy stained, northern lass, coming to terms with the price of a pint in London. It is through these differences that the show finds its voice. Both comedians tackle the nuances of everyday life, allowing the audience to immerse and enjoy themselves in each acts unique perspective. Mostly focussing on class division, gender stereotypes and social expectations, you could argue it is incredibly timely, but, we ain't poncey, so it's a beer and a bit of a giggle. Josh Baulf: “Geezer'', ''Lad'', ''One of the boys'', are all terms Josh aspires to, but somehow falls short. Constantly toying between a trip to the pub or a lavender bath bomb, his metrosexual anecdotes are warm and imaginative. Louise Atkinson: Two things happened for Hull in 2017, it became the City of Culture and its very own Louise Atkinson started comedy. One was a success. Very much the Victoria Wood of the Tinder generation.