Tash York


Underbelly- Bristo Square


7:55 p.m.

55 mins / 1-27 (not 13) of August. 7.55pm.

7.80 - 10.80

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A comedy cabaret all about why growing up to be an adult is hard.... Using real stories of my failure to be an adult including how I owe a house deposits worth of parking fines, how I got engaged to my personal trainer at 19 and how I have an unhealthy obsession with nuggets and wine - this show really does relate to anyone who feels like they've missed the boat when it comes to "sorting their shit out". Coming from Australia, it'll be my first time bringing a solo show to edinburgh, but it received 5 star reviews and awards on the fringe circuit here ... so I'm crossing my fingers I won't come back with another house deposits worth of debt!