Oh, hello there, welcome to workingclassfringe.co.uk, highlighting shows by working class acts at this years Edinburgh Fringe.

It has all been funded by donations by people who wished to improve visibility for acts without a financial safety net So, I’m Lee, I’m a comedian from South Tyneside, I suppose I’d better tell you why I’m doing this. I suppose it’s because the fringe costs a great deal. Then, when we turn up, there are often huge posters and even bigger PR campaigns for acts who either have a lot of money or who are getting themselves into huge amounts of debt. Not everyone can do this, I certainly can’t. Even if I could, I don’t think I could reasonably justify this. So, I’m hoping, if only in a small way, this helps.

Now, this is not all about money. There are some very successful acts in here who are doing well financially now. Being working class is about more than that. My main criteria for inclusion was a lack of safety net. If it all goes wrong, middle class acts will mostly be fine financially, someone will help them. For us, that may not be the case. So what is constitutes being working class? I’m not going to answer that. It’s not easy to describe. What I did was ask acts to self identify. If they consider themself to be working class, who am I to disagree? I accept that it means that it is possible that a cynical act or two may have slipped through the net but there was no better system I’m afraid. It is also absolutely the case that there will be acts who qualified who are not in here. I tried really hard to get word out as much as I could but Idon’t know everyone and there will definitely be acts who didn’t find out about this. To them I apologise. There are a wide variety of shows in here, mostly comedy. There are acts I love and ones I don’t personally enjoy, there are ones who I agree with and ones who I don’t, there are surreal acts and political shows, kids shows and plays. I hope that you see a lot of them, especially if you are someone who has previously considered working class to be one particular type of comedy.

This is, for me, not at all supposed to be a class war thing, I have friends from all parts of society at the festival and wish everyone a great fringe.

Lee Kyle